Staff Council Home

Current Committee Appointees

  • Academic Senate: Arcelia Sandoval
  • Campus Planning & Space Committee: Dawnelle Ricciardi
  • President's Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, Campus Climate, and Inclusion: Gillian Estes & Ivonne Mejia
  • President’s Budget Advisory Council (PBAC): Elisabeth Kettmann
  • Sonoma State Enterprises, Inc. Board and Audit Committee: Emily Lusk Porter
  • Sustainable Executive Committee: Barbara Frohlech
  • University Culinary Services Advisory Board: Aidan Humrich

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, and it is currently filled, please submit an application and we will put you in the running for consideration when the position opens.

Meeting Details

Location: All Staff Council meetings to take place via Zoom and will last 30 minutes. You may join the meeting during the scheduled time by going online to

  • Summer '20: starting 5/26/20, meetings will be every other Tuesday from 1 - 1:30 pm
  • Spring '20: 1/16/20 @ 1 pm; 2/20/20 @ 1 pm; 3/19/19 @ 12 pm; 4/2/20 @ 1 pm; 4/14/20 @ 1 pm; 4/23/20 @ 1 pm; 4/28/20 @ 2 pm (new!); 5/12/20 @ 1 pm (new!); 5/21/20 @ 12 pm; 5/26/20 @ 1 pm (new!)
  • Fall ’19: 9/5/19 @ 12 pm; 10/17/19 @ 1 pm; 11/14/19 @ 12 pm; 12/19/19 @ 1 pm

Purpose & Councilmembers

The Staff Council’s purpose:

  • The Staff Council shall report directly to the campus President or the President’s designee.
  • The Staff Council is a recognized body within shared governance on the Sonoma State campus. 
  • The Staff Council shall only provide input on issues not covered by collective bargaining. 
  • The Staff Council may sponsor programs, events, and various services in an effort to promote a culture of respect, cooperation, and understanding across the campus community. 
  • The Staff Council may offer advice on community and academic-related matters. 
  • The SSU Staff Council and its representatives acknowledge SSU’s core values, including inclusiveness and embracing the diversity of people and beliefs.

The members of the council include:

  • Chair: Katie Musick
  • Vice-Chair: Kshatriya Colet (position up for re-election Summer '20)
  • Secretary: Loriann Negri
  • Treasurer: Arcelia Sandoval
  • Custodian of Records: Ash Klein (position up for re-election Summer '20)

To reach out to the Staff Council General Inquiries, please email

All staff welcome to these open discussions.